Plywood is a semi-finished wood in the form of a plate, made by gluing under pressure a number, usually odd, of overlapping veneer sheets, used as construction material or mobile manufacture, packaging, boats, etc.

The manufacture of a plywood panel requires six main steps: unwinding, sorting, calibration, pressing, sanding and cutting to standardized format.
The plywood is glued with adhesive, urea-formaldehyde, melamine, phenol or resorcinol.

After applying the adhesive, the resulting sheets are placed in a press, the faces of which are heated to ensure that the adhesive is fixed. The temperature of the operation (160 ° C), also this heating process eliminates any living organism (insects, bacteria).
After cooling, the panels are sanded and cut to final dimensions.
The difference between plywood and flexible plywood consists in the wood essence from which it is produced and the thickness of the plywood.