What are printed labels?

Printed labels, whether they are composition labels with maintenance instructions or brand labels are by far the most widely used labels used in the textile industry.

Composition labels which, by attaching them to the product, have the role of specifying the composition of the material and its maintenance method.
Economic variant:
Labels printed by thermal transfer on polyamide tape, with the standard size of 2.5cm x 2.5cm, packed in packages of 1000 pcs / composition. White background, printed in black.
Other compositions can be made to order on both white and black tape.

Printed labels are by far the most used labels in the textile industry, there are also regulations that require the use of such labels for all textiles, leather goods and footwear.
Often called generic, composition labels, this type of label can contain various information such as: brand (brand) of the product, material composition, composition of the liner, composition of various accessories, washing and maintenance instructions, highlighted by text or specific symbols, information on the size of the product or a table of international equivalents of measures, country of origin, name of the manufacturer or importer, bar codes with price information and more.

You can also find types of labels with several printed labels, two or even three labels for a product, in which the information is separate: one label contains the brand, another the composition and maintenance instructions, and another barcode.