What are self-adhesive labels?

Self-adhesive labels (on paper or plastic) are made in order to facilitate the sale, record and management of products and to promote certain items in the promotional seasons. From the already banal "barcodes" to the promotion labels, or to the complex labels on the household appliances, they are all part of everyday life. Transparent self-adhesive labels - are an optimal option for virtually any type of product, because they have the ability to attract the buyer and predispose him to the purchase action. These labels are rightly unique and exceptional in their own way, proving convenience in use. They can be successfully used for sealing or resealing packaging of chemicals, food, medicines, household products, electronic devices. So, it is really a good choice, regardless of your field of activity.

There are a number of benefits to using clear self-adhesive labels. We can therefore draw attention to:
* strong adhesion:
* does not harm, but on the contrary completes the product packaging;
* convenience in use;
* resistance;
* durability over time.

Polyester self-adhesive labels These labels are not sensitive to heat, with ribbon printing. They have a higher strength than paper. Polyester labels are mainly used in the chemical and textile industries. They are characterized by resistance to extreme temperatures, scratches and exposure to chemicals.

The most common types of labels are: 1. round labels 2. straight labels 3. custom labels

Round self-adhesive labels
You need round self-adhesive labels when you have promotions that you want to highlight with colored dots. There are other situations in which the shape of the products requires labeling with round self-adhesive labels. Be careful when writing the text you want to print on round labels to fit it correctly on the label.
Straight labels
This shape is the most common among label models. They can be with space between them or with a simple cut or in the form of a band.

Roll label
The roll is the most common form in which you find self-adhesive labels. They are used especially in industries where the volumes are medium and large. Self-adhesive roll labels are used in warehouses especially where barcodes are printed. When making the choice it is essential to take into account the type of label printer used. The roll must fit both in size and as a type of self-adhesive label. Depending on how you print, you need thermal labels for the direct thermal method or labels for thermal transfer printing.

A4 self-adhesive labels
For office applications that do not require a large volume of labels, it is advisable to use A4 labels. They are available in A4 format, with a varied number of labels / sheets. The shape of A4 self-adhesive labels can be varied, from straight labels to round self-adhesive labels or custom self-adhesive labels in various shapes.

Types of labels depending on the adhesive
The adhesive used for labels can be of several types, depending on its composition: water-based, rubber-based, acrylic-based. Water-based adhesive labels are recommended for use only in dry environments. The rubber-based adhesive ensures a high adhesion of the labels to the surface on which they are glued. However, the exposure of these labels to UV rays must be avoided, because the adhesive yields after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. The acrylic adhesive is used for labels that must last over time. Acrylic-based adhesive labels are easy to handle.

Depending on the adhesive used, the labels are of several types. It is important to have access to some information on how to store them and how to use them. Depending on the storage temperature, the temperature of use and the humidity of the environment in which you use them, you can choose labels with the right adhesive for your business.

Permanent labels Permanent labels are used to mark the prices of textiles or food, in particular. The adhesive used for permanent labels ensures maximum adhesion to the surface on which they are applied. Detachable labels These labels can be easily peeled off, leaving no traces. The adhesive is a light, acrylic-based one, which ensures an easy handling of this type of labels.
Highly adhesive labels
This type of self-adhesive label is usually applied to metal and plastic objects. The adhesive is resistant to water, oil and ultraviolet rays. Highly adhesive labels are also used for silicone objects.
Strongly adhesive labels
tapes are widely used by electricians. With special labeling devices they print warning labels for electrical panels or labels for cables.
Special Purpose Labels This type of label is used in the chemical or automotive industries. In fact, they are used wherever labels are needed to withstand extreme temperatures or exposure to corrosive substances.

The self-adhesive label is the star of our portfolio and probably the most versatile product used in packaging. Whether the packaging of your product is made of glass, foil, plastic, metal or wood, self-adhesive labels are easy to apply, without the need for heat, solvent or water.